Draft law concerning the rent control and the so-called “Bestellerprinzip”

rent control & Bestellerprinzip

a) rent control

The topic of so-called rental-control price is currently "on everyone's lips." To give some clarity, we would like to inform you, that this does not apply to furnished flats.

That is what the draft law concerning the rent control says:

Rental agreements according to § 549 subparagraph 2 BGB (residential property for temporary use, furnished residential property in the Apartment of the landlord and special social offers for people with an urgent need for an apartment) are excluded from the rent control.

Already under current law the rules about the rental rate do not apply in existing tenancies (§§ 557-561 BGB). This is because they are special rental agreements, in which the rent control is not advisable at the beginning of the rental period, because it is either covering a temporary need for an apartment, the personal impact hardly allows for comparability with other apartments or it serves residential property for the social welfare.These leases therefore differ from the price structure as well as from the services to the normal housing market.

b) Bestellerprinzip

The draft law also contains a clause on "Strengthening the “Bestellerprinzp” in the housing agency".
As far as the draft law meets with approval, the law becomes effective probably in spring / summer 2015.

Essentially it is about:

  • The prospective tenant is to be released from the commission obligation.
  • The landlord himself should go with his offer to the market.
  • The market should be adjusted by unqualified agent

Perhaps the new regulation provides more justice. for the conventional brokerage. This we do not want to judge here.

We want to point out that is not mentioned in the draft law in terms of the “Bestellerprinzp” that a parallel market - the furnished apartment market exists. A market that works differently:

Our customers are looking for furnished accommodation because they for professional reasons a limited time in Frankfurt. They have no time to look for accommodation and make use of our selected offers.Mostly companies and banks pay us for our services, which are not doubted, but they are appreciated also because the payment orientates to the actual duration of the lease (15% per month = max. 10 months.)Our financial claims therefore are addressed to the economy and not to socially disadvantaged citizens of this country.

We are of the opinion that the furnished apartment market must remain unaffected of this new regulation.
We hope that we will appreciated as a bridge between landlords and companies (contacts we have maintained for many years) also in the future.


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