Lokale Presse, Citty News - 05.05.2000

In the right place at the right time

Heike Ruwe, who set up the firm WohnRaumAgentur in 1995 and moved her office to ATHLON PLACE last September, has a very high opinion of CityWEST's image. Her agency works with customers from well-known national and international companies. WohnRaumAgentur finds furnished apartments for short term tenancies and offers a full service package for clients searching in and around the Frankfurt area.

For Mrs Ruwe stylish and comfortable properties in quiet areas are most appealing: which is why her business is in exactly the right place at the right time in the CityWEST complex.Customers are impressed by the professional image given by her brand new office in the equally professional environment of CityWEST. And she personally also likes the image of the new development.Is she looking for premises in the CityWEST area for her customers? "Of course! I have a lot of international...
Lokale Presse, Blitztip - 28.07.1999

Furnished apartments becoming...

Short term tenancies instead of hotel rooms: The letting of furnished apartments in the Main-Rhine area is booming. More and more business people are coming to the banking city of Frankfurt for projects, training courses and short term visits. Those who find hotel suites too expensive and impersonal for a stay of a few months, now do not necessarily have to carry out the tedious search for a furnished apartment themselves. Several companies in Frankfurt offer their services to perform this task, and the newest kid on the block is the residential lettings agency run by Heike Ruwe.

Just a phone call suffices and the 32 year-old entrepreneur starts her quest. Over 500 furnished apartments are stored in her computer, from one room apartments to luxury maisonettes, all of which she has viewed and approved of herself. "My customers are often company directors at executive level, so I cannot include mediocre flats with youth hostel décor in my range". The new home should be stylishly furnished, with bathroom and kitchen facilities in good condition. Tenant and...
Frankfurter Rundschau - 12.06.1999

Wanted: furnished premises for short...

Heike Ruwe helps visiting professors, bank trainees and managers on training courses. From the FR series 'At Your Service'.

Some claim the service industry is sadly lacking - not in Frankfurt! With her company WohnRaumAgentur, Heike Ruwe specialises in finding temporary, furnished accommodation for her clients.RHEIN MAIN: "If you want a job done properly, you have to do it yourself". This is the motto that Heike Ruwe has been following over the last few years. She began earning an extra income finding furnished rooms for trade fair visitors, and, although her colleagues were sceptical at first, it soon...

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We have over 25 years of experience in  real estate and specialize in furnished apartments as temporary homes, in and around Frankfurt.


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