Information for the seller

Reasons for the seller  to use our service

  • You save valuable time.
  • We have over 20 years of experience.
  • Uncomplicated and fast processing.
  • Due to a high degree of acquaintance we have good contacts with prospective purchasers

Good to know


The buyer bears the commission.

Procedure of the sale

1. Inclusion of your object

Personal meeting

Before we start the sale process, we meet directly at the object to coordinate the details and to take pictures of the object.

Determination of the purchase price

We determine the fair market price for you.

Documents which we need from you

For selling your property, we need, among others the following information and documents :

  • Ground plan
  • Land register extract
  • The last three protocols of the owners meeting
  • Contact details of the property management
  • Declaration of division
  • Amount of the condo fee
  • Amount of the reserve account·         
  • Current rental contract
  • Energy pass
  • Economic plan (for example: which remediation measures are planned)
2. Publication of your object

Thereafter we issue an informative exposé of your property and advertise this on our website, Immobilien Scout and Immonet. In addition we send selected clients ans landlords from our database the exposé to your object. Since 1995 we are active in the brokerage business and therefore we have numerous contacts to potential buyers. 

3.Inspections of the object

We take care of all inspections on request even without your presence.

4. Purchase Agreement and notary

When we have found a buyer, we prepare with the notary the purchase agreement and accompany you to the notarisation appointment.


Experienced contact person

We know what is important in real estate sales and we are always available as a contact if you have any questions or needs.


Upon request inspections will be  completely taken over by us.

Negotiation of the purchase price

Negotiation is our strength.


We are happy to assist you in selecting an appropriate notary and accompany you to the notary.

About WohnRaumAgentur

We have over 25 years of experience in  real estate and specialize in furnished apartments as temporary homes, in and around Frankfurt.


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