Broker Biography

Heike Ruwe
Owner of the Wohnraumagentur

Since I was young, I always had the vision of being self-employed. In a women’s magazine I was reading about 2 women who were very successful with an accommodation service in Hamburg. This makes me think about the furnished real estate market.

The course “How to become self-employed” of the VHS was the first step to make my idea real. The next steps were a couple of courses for brokers and studying. There was a strong demand for furnished accommodations. Contracts needed to get transformed, developing a website and searching for apartments were the beginning.

The mediation of furnished apartments is more than just give the keys to a new tenant. It is more than just showing a room. The owners want to get some help in finding the right tenant. The tenants on the other side want to find a perfect living place.

I am the one who brings both sides together. I am listening to their wishes. I try always to put myself in the shoes of the tenants and owners. I empathize with their feelings and I want to be a close confident of both parts.

I am still very thankful for all the conditions in my life, which made and still makes it possible that I can do what I like every day. My job is my dream position und it makes me happy to work as a broker.  It never is boring and I am lucky to work with different people from all over the world. My counterpart to business work is drumming, body balance, mediation and spending nice evenings with friends. 
My beginning was the furnished property sector. Now I want to extend my business: I broaden one’s mind in the market of unfurnished properties and also in the selling of apartments in Frankfurt.

I can use my contacts to expand the business. My customers can take a large advantage of my experience, my knowledge and my network. All this is very useful to expand the business in the different parts of real estate market.

Frankfurt is progressive regarding the change in the property market: There is a high demand for furnished objects. In the last years numerous Boardinghouses and Apartments-buildings have risen in Frankfurt. I observe my competing companies, but I still realize that the customer likes to have a personal contact. For me every customer is special. All of them want to have my support to find the right apartment. I am happy about the wish of personal consulting.

My favorite citation always leads me:

Nothing good happens unless you do it.

About WohnRaumAgentur

We have over 25 years of experience in  real estate and specialize in furnished apartments as temporary homes, in and around Frankfurt.


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