Information for tenants

Course of renting

1. Inquiry

Please inform us of your concrete requirements, basic information and specific wishes regarding your search. You can do this online through our search request or you can call us. We will specifically search for housing that best suits your criteria.

2. Offer

After stating your search request, you will receive an offer through E-Mail within an hour, listing all housing spaces which suit your requirements. Through the listed links you will directly be forwarded to different exposés on our homepage with photos. By entering the objects assigned number on our homepage you will be forwarded to the exposés of the objects.

3. Viewing

Please inform us of a day and time period for when you would like to view the objects. We will arrange an appointment with the landlord or the current tenant. You will then receive a time table with all the contact information.

If you wish, we will arrange a joint tour and pick you up at your office, for example.

If you should be unavailable to personally view the objects, you have the option to rent without viewing the apartment. Since we have seen all the apartments, we have had good experiences with this procedure.

4. Tenancy agreement

Once you have chosen an object to rent, a tenancy agreement will be made between you and the landlord. We will have the contract ready to sign.

We require your complete information and a copy of your identification card or passport by no later than the preparation of the contract.

If requested, the tenancy agreement can be prepared in English but the german version must be signed.

5. Security for the landlord

Before the handover takes place the first months rent and the safety deposit must be wired to the landlord. Most landlords also demand a copy of liability insurance.

6. Apartment and key handover

The handover of the apartment and keys will be carried out by the landlord or an employee of our agency during an appointment arranged by you. A report of the handover will be prepared with the inventory list, which will be signed by both parties.

Lease term

Most landlords have a minimum rental period which is 3 months. Some do rent our their apartments starting at 1 month.

You can either make an agreement with a concrete rental period and the option to extend the lease or a indefinite rental agreement with the landlord.

Termination notice

The termination notice will individually be aranged in the rental agreement. Following regulations are common with furnished rental relations:

The termination notice must be a written letter and delivered to the landlord on the third business day of the month the termination will take place.

If the written termination notice has not reached the landlord or tenant four weeks before expiration, the short-term rental agreement with the option of extension will automatically be extended for a further month.

In the event of an indefinite rental agreement, the landlord or tenant can terminate the contract under adherence to a three month time limit. One month time limits are not legally secured and are therefore seldomly agreed on. Since both parties both prefer flexibility, shorter time limits are agreed on.


As far as there has been no cleaning agreement made in the rental contract, yet you would like to hire professional cleaning services, we are happy to offer this service. For details, please refer to the “Good to know” section on cleaning.

Security deposit

The security deposit for furnished and unfurnished apartments amount to a maximum of 3 monthly rents (net rent).

A security deposit is necessary since the landlord has no other  securities against property damage. A refund of the deposit normally happens very quickly.

The deposit will be refunded from the landlord to tenant after the tenant has moved out and no damages or open bills exist. If this should occur, then the open amount will be deducted from the deposit.

Some laandlords also accept a bank or company pledge. 


Not all landlords accept pets. Please let us know if you own a pet so we can let the landlord know.

Special requests

Also if you have any special requests (parking space, balcony, etc.) please notify us directly with your inquiry so that we can offer you specifically the objects that meet your search criteria.

Liability insurance

Most landlords require the handover of a personal liability insurance in copy for the closing of a lease for private individuals. The liability insurance is effective for damage to fixed objects in the apartment a (taps, door handles, etc.)

Compulsory registration at the city council

For temporary accommodation (furnished) is considered: Who is reported in Germany and lives in an apartment for a less than six-month stay, must neither register nor unsubscribe of this apartment. After six months, the tenant must register within two weeks at the registration office. For individuals who actually live abroad and are not reported in Germany, this requirement applies after three months.

To register an apartment (furnished and unfurnished) tenants must submit a certificate from the owner of the moving in (Apartment donors confirmation) to the registration office.

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